🥇 Best 280mm aio Liquid Coolers

Installing a 280mm closed-loop liquid cooler into your rig is a great way to achieve peak performance with your CPU overheating.  In fact, a 280mm AIO will fit in most modern mid-tower cases. So, here are some of the best 280mm AIOs you should consider checking out.

Most of the modern CPUs produce huge amounts of heat that may render your system unstable or even worse damage your processor. As such, one of the best ways to keep your CPU temperatures down is by installing a quality AIO cooler.

In this article we’re going to review some of the best 280mmm AIO liquid coolers you can find out there. So, why the 280 AIO liquid cooler? Well, the best thing about the 280mm AIO liquid coolers is that they offer a perfect balance between size and performance. This means that they’re neither too small such as the 120mm models nor too large like the 360mm ones hence can fit into most of the modern cases without any issue.

Moreover, this cooler comes with an enormous radiator for faster heat transfer and dual 140mm fans that help push the hot air from the heatsink. Some of the 280 AIOs on our list match the performance of most 360 liquid coolers or even surpass them.

Better yet, some of the 280 liquid coolers produce much less noise than 360mm models or Air coolers as they come fitted with only two fans, which can run at lower RPMs and still perfectly cool your CPU.

However, not all 280 AIOs will be ideal for you as some come equipped with extra features that may be important to you such as RGB lighting or automatic speed control function.

 So, if you’re planning to upgrade your current CPU cooler with a more powerful option, here are our best 280mm AIO liquid cooler that you can choose from.

Best 280mm AIO Liquid Coolers

1. EVGA CLC 280

The EVGA CLC 280 is hands down, the best 280mm AIO cooler for high-end processors such as the i9-9900k. This 280mm AIO cooler outperforms virtually all AIOs in its class and even surpasses some of the high-end 360 AIOs in noise level and performance.

To begin with, this AIO cooler has a solid build as it’s designed with sleeved tubes for enhanced protection and durability. The cooler also comes with a 280mm aluminum radiator and a water block made of copper base plate. The enormous radiator provides a large surface area for faster and better heat dissipation.

The pump employs Asetek’s Gen5 technology to achieve high RPMs while displacing huge volumes of liquid. The EVGA CLC 280 boasts two 140mm fans that are optimized to reach high speeds of about 2200RPM with minimal noise levels. The fans generate high static pressure and precise airflow for enhanced cooling performance.

This powerful AIO also features beautiful RGB lighting both on the fans and the waterblock, which you can customize using EVGA’s software to get the best lighting effects. Through this software, you can as well adjust both the pump and fan speed, monitor CPU temperature levels, and even set your own profiles.

In addition, the cooler is also easy to install as it comes fitted with a mounting kit and all the tools you need to mount it. Despite its reduced price tag, the EVGA CLC 280 AIO is an all-time best 280 AIO that can efficiently keep your overclocked CPU within safe temperature levels with reduced noise output.

2. NZXT Kraken X63

Coming second on our list is an AIO cooler that comes equipped with advanced RGB lighting and great cooling performance.

 This AIO cooler has a solid build as it comes with rubber tubing reinforced with nylon sleeves for better protection and increased durability. The cooler features a plastic waterblock with a copper base plate and a powerful pump that runs at speeds of up to 2800RPM for maximum performance.

The 280mm aluminum radiator provides ample surface area for faster heat dissipation and two 140mm Aer P140 fans with fluid dynamic bearing for quiet operation. The fans are well optimized and run at high speeds of about 1800RPM and generate high air pressure and streamlined air flow for maximum cooling performance. Rated at 60000 hours, you can expect the fans’ to last you for quite a long time.

It boasts impressive visuals with its enormous LED mirror ring that nicely displays vivid RGB lighting. This cooler also comes integrated with CAM software that allows you to customize the various lighting effects more conveniently.

The best feature of this AIO cooler is CAM integration as it allows you to monitor and adjust the various settings like the pump speed for optimum cooling performance. It’s also compatible with modern CPU sockets allowing you to overclock your high-end CPU with ease and without any issues.

3. NZXT Kraken X62

Almost similar to Kraken X63, the Kraken X62 is another great AIO cooler from NZXT’s Kraken series that features outstanding cooling performance and vivid RGB lighting for improved aesthetics.

To start with, the X62 features a quality build as it’s built with reinforced tubing for enhanced durability. It boasts a unique infinity mirror RGB lighting design that makes it look incredibly beautiful and stand out from many of the AIO coolers out there.

The cooler comes armed with an aluminum 280mm radiator that’s designed to facilitate for a faster and more efficient heat transfer. The radiator also comes built with two highly optimized 140mm PWM Aer P fans that run at maximum speeds of about 2000RPM, which is higher than that of X63. The fans also generate high air pressure and precise airflow for maximum cooling while maintaining noise levels to a minimum.

Unlike the previous Kraken AIO models, the X62 comes equipped with a newly engineered high-performance pump that ensures maximum liquid displacement for the best cooling.

What’s more is that this cooler is designed compatible with CAM software that allows you to conveniently monitor your CPU’s temperature and adjust the speed of the pump to attain the best performance. Using the CAM software you can also customize the RGB lighting effects as you wish.

Overall, the X62 is definitely a great 280mm AIO liquid cooler for its stylish design and improved performance that can keep your CPU’s temperature at bay while running demanding programs and games.

4. Corsair Hydroseries H115i Platinum

Corsair has been availing some of the best AIO liquid coolers to the market for over two decades, and their Hydroseries H115i Platinum is no different.  The H115i is one of Corsair’s latest AIO cooler in the Hydroseries lineup that offers high performance with advanced RGB LED lighting.

This cooler comes loaded with lots of RGB LED lighting compared to its predecessor that makes it appear remarkably stylish and attractive. It boasts a 280mm aluminum radiator and an RGB water block with a copper base plate for better heat transfer.

It also features dual ML PRO Series 140mm RGB fans with magnetic levitation and PWM support. The fans run at speeds of up to 2000RPM and deliver high-static pressure and airflow for faster cooling of the radiator. The cooler’s extended tubing is strengthened with sleeves for maximum durability.

It is also designed compatible with Corsair’s iCUE software that lets you sync RGB lighting with other RGB enabled components and customize the lighting effects to your liking. Through the software, you can also adjust the speed of the pump and fans for optimum performance.

The AIO’s Zero RPM nicely brings the fans to a halt once low temperature levels are reached, allowing for an even quieter operation. Not to mention that this AIO cooler is made to be compatible with virtually all modern AMD and Intel sockets.

5. Corsair Hydro Series H115i Pro RGB

A relatively cheaper AIO liquid cooler from Corsair, the Hydro Series H115i PRO delivers steady and reliable cooling performance with a near-silent operation.

This AIO liquid cooler features a single 280mm aluminum radiator and a copper-plated base block with LED lighting at the top. The radiator does a great job of transferring heat from the CPU at a faster rate. The radiator also comes fitted with two near-silent ML Series 140mm fans with magnetic levitation and PWM support.

The fans rotate at speeds of up to 1200RPM, generating enough air pressure and airflow to quickly cool down the radiator. The fans are designed to remain remarkably quiet even at maximum speeds.

The AIO is compatible with Corsair’s iCUE software, which allows you to customize RGB lighting effects as you desire. The software also allows you to adjust fan and pump speeds and conveniently monitor the temperature levels.

With a Zero RPM mode, the cooler’s fans automatically stops rotating once minimum temperature levels are reached. This is a great feature as it helps keep your cooler operating with even lesser noise output.

Overall, this is a great-looking AIO cooler that’s powerful enough to keep your CPU cool even while you’re overclocking it.

6. Thermaltake Floe Dual Riing RGB 280TT Premium Edition

While nearly all the AIO liquid coolers on our list have some RGB lighting, the Floe Dual Riing Premium Edition stands out with its remarkable 16.8 million colors and great cooling performance.

This unique RGB AIO cooler features two Riing Plus 140mm RGB fans that rotate to speeds of up to 1500RPM for better and faster cooling of the radiator. The RGB fans come designed with hydraulic bearing and compression blades for more efficient performance. Through the Riing Plus RGB software, you can easily monitor and adjust the fan’s speed plus the lighting effects right from your smartphone.

Apart from the 280mm radiator, this cooler also boasts a highly efficient LED waterblock with a copper base plate for better heat transfer. The cooler’s sleeved tubing ensures better durability and reduced evaporation, which helps prevent the coolant from replenishing.

The radiator’s large surface combined with the high-performance pump and water block ensure optimum cooling of your CPU.

The LEDs on the fans and water block are engineered programmable, allowing you to customize the color effects of each LED individually through the RGB PLUS Software. The software can also be set to notify you of any problem with the fan operation, allowing you to quickly identify and fix a faulty fan.

7. Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280

The MasterLiquid Pro 280 is an amazing dual-chamber 280 AIO liquid cooler that delivers incredible cooling performance and more improved aesthetics.

This dual-chamber AIO cooler features FlowOp technology that helps optimize the flow of the coolant for faster and more efficient dissipation of heat from your CPU. This helps to keep your processor in steady and peak performance while improving its lifespan as well as for the surrounding components.

The radiator’s unique fin design creates a larger surface area for faster and better heat absorption while allowing ample air circulation.

 This liquid cooler is equipped with modern high-performance pump that sprays the coolant at precise points on the water block at a high pressure. This allows for a more efficient displacement of heat. The pump also comes integrated with a custom driver that facilitates smooth operation of the pump with minimal vibrations and noise levels.

What you may also love about this AIO cooler is how easy it is to install onto your motherboard since all you need is a screwdriver to get the job done.

8. Arctic Liquid Freezer II

While Arctic may not be the most popular brand on our list, its 280 Liquid Freezer II is a good budget AIO cooler that can help keep your processor operating within safe temperature levels when overclocking or under heavy loads.

This AIO cooler features a new powerful pump with PWM support and a copper base-plated block for enhanced efficiency. The pump is designed to consume less power than most of the AIOs out there plus remain incredibly quiet throughout.

The cooler also comes with two powerful 140mmP-series fans for improved performance and an extra 40mm fan adjacent to the pump, which helps keep the surrounding VRM components cool and in optimum performance.

The Arctic Liquid Freezer II is compatible with nearly every AMD and Intel processor out there, so you can rest assured it will work with your CPU.

As you’ve seen from our review, there are superb 280mm AIO liquid coolers that you can choose from if you want the best cooling solution for your CPU. All the options in our list deliver great performance, and some even come with some fantastic unique features such as RGB LED illumination.

These CPU coolers can efficiently handle decent overclocking of your high-end processor for increased speeds and better overall performance.

If you want an affordable, but high performance AIO cooler  that can handle virtually anything thrown at it, then you should consider the EVGA CIC 280mm AIO.

You may also consider NZXT Kraken X63 or the Floe Dual Riing Premium Edition liquid cooler, if you want a fancy RGB Cooler with endless RGB customization options.

Lastly, if you’re on a constrained budget and want a powerful enough 280mm AIO cooler to keep your CPU in the best performance, the Arctic Liquid Freezer II is your ideal choice.