Best LGA1151 CPUs/Processors For 2020

While there are dozens of great PC processors that offer groundbreaking performance, not all are compatible with your motherboard socket.  Here is a review of the best LGA 1155 CPU that you can choose from.

From entry level CPUs to high end models, advances in technology has led to the manufacture of micro-architecture CPUs that deliver outstanding system performances. With the advanced technology and design, the new processor models support can support higher clockspeeds and offer better compatibility for the best overall PC performance.

However, not every processor can fit into any motherboard as different CPUs use different socket types. This means that you need to ensure your new processor is compatible with your motherboard whenever you’re upgrading your system.

Beyond motherboard compatibility, different CPU models also vary greatly in terms of features they offer. You’ll find some processor models with features that are more important to you than others.

In this article, we are going to review some of the best CPU for LGA socket 1155 that you can choose from for the best PC performance.

Our list includes high, mid and low-end processors to help you find one that perfectly meets your requirements and budget.

Best LGA 1155 CPU

1. Intel Core i7-3770K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz

Topping our list is the core i7-3770K that’s a superb quad-core processor that features a level 3 cache of 8MB and dual-memory channels for faster storing of useful data. 

For the performance, the core i7-3770K is probably the fastest micro-chip for LGA 1155 socket as it boasts four cores with a base clock speed of nearly 3.7 GHz. It is also designed with hyper-threading function that can remarkably improve multi-threading performance.

In addition, this LGA 1155 CPU comes equipped with Turbo Boost capability that allows you to boost all four cores to 3.7GHz or even to 3.9GHz for two cores.

When it comes to graphics, this Ivy Bridge CPU incorporates a 4000HD GPU, allowing for better casual tasks or even modern gaming at low to mid resolution settings. You can easily overclock this processor when you’re looking to enjoy better gaming performance.

All-in-all, the i7-3770k is certainly a great LGA 1155 CPU that won’t disappoint you when it comes to performing demanding tasks on your PC.

2. Intel Core I7 3770T I7-3770T Quad Core Desktop Processors

Coming second on our list is another superb LGA 1155 CPU from Intel’s line of Ivy Bridge processors, the i7-3770T. This mid-range CPU comes at a more affordable price tag than the i7-3770K and offers great performance.

The i7-3770T runs at a base clock rate of 2.5 GHz and thermal design power of 45W. The CPU features Turbo Boost technology, which allows you to achieve higher speeds of up to 3.7 GHz. Just like the i7-3770K, the i7-3770T features eight threads and four cpu cores.

While it cannot beat the i7-3770K processor when it comes to performance, this cpu can reach faster speeds through overclocking. It also supports dual-channel memory and boasts 8MB of L3 cache.

With the integrated HD graphics, this processor allows you to enjoy better gaming performance even without a dedicated graphics card.

3. Core i7-3770S

The i7-3770S is a great low-power consumption unit from Intel’s Ivy Bridge lineup. Specially designed for desktop PCs, this CPU features four cores and eight concurrent threads. It is integrated with the Turbo Boost technology which allows you to increase it frequency from 4.2GHz to 4.5GHz.

The hyper-threading and the quick base clock speed capabilities give this processor the power and versatility to operate high-end games among other tasks. And since graphics card contribute a lot in ensuring a smooth gaming experience than the CPU, the i7-7700s is ideal for various setups.

What’s more is that it gives you a great performance almost similar to the newer CPUs while saving you money for the cooling system and other components for your gaming rig.

The main selling point of this i7-3770S is the low consumption of power of 65 Watts thanks to the 22nm lithography. However, it is locked to prevent any overclocking.

Overall, Core i7-3770S is power efficient with an outstanding performance making ideal for extreme gaming.

4. Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor

Looking forward to cutting down on your CPU with a best-in-performance processor that you can easily expand? You can never go wrong with this Core i7-3770.

This solid Ivy Bridge processor is a 3rd generation turbo boost technology chip built on the older 22nm processor. It comes with four cores for smooth operation and eight threads to support hyper-threading. While its processing power can’t quite match the modern CPUs, it runs at 3.4GHz clock speed for good endurance. 

The most outstanding feature in this CPU is that it comes unlocked but ready for overclocking plus it comes with a CPU cooler. How cool is that? Besides that, it is integrated with 4000 graphics for a 3D viewing experience although you need a dedicated GPU so it can handle modern games. The DDR3 SDRAM memory allows for quick transfer of data almost twice as fast.

Overall, this i7 core offers you great value for the money and delivers an unrivalled performance and adaptability, which are ideal for game lovers since it allows the PC to operate super-fast even when multi-tasking.

5. Intel Core i7-2700K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz

Another great LGA 1155 processor is the i7-2700k that offers great value if you frequently run demanding games or programs that require more power.

When it comes to the performance, this CPU beats most of the latest models in its class with its unique hyper-threading function for up to eight threads and four processing cores.

It also boasts an impressive 3.5 GHz clock speed, and can seamlessly be boosted to 3.9 GHz for improved performance. Another outstanding thing about this processor is that it’s unleashed and unlocked, allowing you to maximize its performance for smoother running.

It supports high-end graphics, so you can rest assured to enjoy better gaming and video streaming. What’s more, this CPU not only delivers improved performance but also reduced power consumption.

Overall, Intel’s core i7-2700K is a superb LGA 1155 CPU that should be able to handle pretty much without any problem.

6. Intel Core i7-2600 Quad-Core Processor

The i7-2600 LGA 1155 processor is uniquely designed with multi-way tasking functionality and additional level 3 cache for super-fast transfer of data.

This cpu features four cores and hyper-threading function of up to eight threads, delivering incredible speed and smooth performance even when performing multiple tasks on your PC. It also features level 3 cache of about 8MB, for speedy transfer and storing of useful data.

Designed with Turbo Boost capability, you can easily increase this CPU’s frequency from its default 3.4GHz to 3.8GHz for enhanced performance.

You may also love the fact that this processor comes with built-in graphics that allows for a smooth running of even modern games with low to medium resolution. Not to mention, it consumes less power, hence, reduced system costs.

Overall, the i7-2600 is a superb LGA 1155 CPU that can help you realize improved PC performance even when multi-tasking.

7. Intel Core i7-2600K Quad-Core Processor 3.4 Ghz 8

The i7-2600k is a 32nm chip based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture and comes packed with lots of amazing features for overall improved performance.

To start with, this LGA 1155 processor comes equipped with hyper-threading technology of up to eight concurrent threads and four cores. This ensures your system remains stable in performance even when running multiple tasks.

Unlike the i7-2600 CPU, this processor is designed fully unlocked, meaning that you can overclock it for maximum performance. It’s also designed having Turbo Boost functionality, which allows you to increase its frequency from its default 3.4GHz clock speeds to nearly 3.8GHz for a speedier and more efficient operation.

It also comes integrated with HD Graphics technology for enhanced visuals and support for most modern games. With 8MB of cache memory, this CPU can transfer useful data a lot faster whenever needed.

8. Intel Core i7-2600S Quad-Core Processor 2.8 GHz 8 MB

Compared to the i7-2600 and i7-2600k, the i7-2600S offers the lowest power consumption as it runs at a TDP of about 65W. This is particularly great for frequent PC users as it helps them maintain operation costs at a minimum.

Besides its reduced power consumption, this processor incorporates other features such as four cores, eight threads with hyper-threading technology. It also features smart cache memory of up to 8MB for faster and more efficient data transfer.

To add to its performance, this Sandy Bridge CPU boasts 2.8GHz base clock speeds and can be increased to 3.8GHz when under heavy load.  Additionally, it comes designed to support dual channel DDR3 memory and third generation PCIe connection.

The integrated HD 2000 Graphics deliver better visuals, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games on your PC.

While this CPU version doesn’t feature overclocking functionality, it’s still a superb LGA 1155 processor worth considering mainly for its performance and incredibly low power consumption.

9. Intel Xeon E3-1290 v2 Quad-Core 64-bit processor

If you’re looking for the fastest Ivy Bridge processor at stock clocks for your LGA 1155 motherboard, then you might consider choosing this Xeon E3-1290 V2 CPU. This CPU boasts incredibly high base clock speed of about 3.7 GHz, which can be increased to 4.1GHz.

The E3-1290 V2 also features hyper-threading technology of up to eight threads, enabling faster performance and enhance multi-tasking. There is also 8MB of level 3 cache, which adds to its speed in transfer of useful data.

The CPU supports dual-channel DDR3 memory as well as ECC memory to ensure maximum performance. Additionally, it comes integrated with hardware virtualization that boosts the performance of virtual machine.

While the E3-1290 V2 has a locked multiplier, it comes integrated with hyper-threading technology that allows each of its cores to operate on two threads simultaneously for better performance.

10. Core i7-2600S

Just like the E3-1290 v2 CPU, the Xeon E3-1280 v2 is based on Ivy Bridge micro-processor architecture and a 22nm manufacturing process. It has a locked multiplier and comes with a 4000MHz maximum frequency.

It features a maximum of four cores and eight threads and operates at clock speeds of about 3.6GHz by default, which delivers outstanding performance. The best part is that you can boost its frequency to 4GHz as it comes incorporated with Intel’s Turbo Boost technology.

This Quad-core CPU has a level 3 cache memory of about 8MB, which ensures speedy transfer of useful data. The main highlight feature of this LGA 1155 CPU is probably its low power consumption of about 69W that helps cut down operating costs.

Not forgetting that it supports dual-channel DDR3 memory and ECC memory that helps detect and correct memory errors.


There you have it. If you’re looking to upgrade your LGA 1155 processor or even want to build a new system from scratch, you may consider choosing one of the LGA 1155 CPUs mentioned above for the best performance.

All the CPUs on our list are designed for LGA 1155 sockets, so you’ll have no issue with compatibility. You should however, choose the best LGA 1155 CPU based on your requirements, budget, and intended purpose.


  • What is the fastest LGA 1155 CPU?

The i7-3770K is probably the fastest CPU for LGA 1155 as it offers a base clock of nearly 3.5GHz and supports clocking it to 3.9GHz. It is also compatible with 32GB DDR3 memory kits and can be paired with higher GPUs for better gaming performance.

  • What does LGA 1155 mean?

The Land Grid Array 1155 commonly referred to as the LGA 1155 or Socket H2 is a type of chipset found on motherboards that support Intel processors. The LGA 115 sockets are designed to pair with 1155 LGA CPU that typically have 1155 pins.

  • Why are LGA 1155 motherboards so expensive?

One of the reasons why LGA 1155 motherboards cost a fortune is because they’re no longer in production. This is mainly because the LGA 1155 motherboards are not compatible with the latest Intel processor generations that are currently found in modern PCs. As such, most of them have been sold out and the few on the market are incredibly high priced.

  • Does LGA 1155 support ddr4?

No. LGA 1155 motherboards are designed to support DDR3 memory kits, meaning they’re not compatible with DDR4 models.  This also implies that you’ll have to change your processor when upgrading your memory kits to DDR4.

  • what is the best cpu for socket 1155

The i7 2600K from Intel core is probably the best processor for Socket 1155 as it strikes a great balance between price and performance. The i7 2600K offers best value as its more affordable compared to high-end options such as the i7 3770K that’s only five percent faster. The i7 3770K, however, may be the best option for gaming purposes.

  • What is the difference between LGA 1151 and LGA 1151 300 series?

The main difference between the two CPU sockets is that the LGA 1151 is designed to support Intel CPU in the 7th generation and below while the 300 series support those in the 8th and 9th generations.