Best Motherboard for i7 9700k

Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7-9700K. Due to its lots of power and high frequencies, the Intel Core i7-9700K requires an equally robust Motherboard. Got a minute? Click on the link above link for the Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7-9700K in 2020.

Owing to its incredible performance, the Intel Core i7-9700K CPU suffices as one of the most popular processors that can provide the best bang for your money. Being one hell of a processor comparable to the Intel Core i9-9900K, you require an equally formidable Motherboard, such as those equipped with a chipset within the 300- series.

Such include the H370, H310, Z390, B360, or Z370, which can offer the needed stability when considering overclocking. In this post, we look at some of the best motherboards you can acquire for your Intel Core i7-9700K CPU to enable optimal performance. Let’s dive in!

Comparison Table Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7-9700K



Memory type


GIGABYTE Z390 DESIGNARE Thunderbolt Motherboard


4 DIMMs and DDR4

4266 MHz (O.C.)

ASUS WS Z390 PRO Motherboard



24 HZ

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Motherboard


dual channel DDR4 memory

4400 (OC) MHz

MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE Motherboard


dual channel DDR4 memory

4400 (OC) MHz

ASUS ROG Strix Z370-G Motherboard


DDR4-19200 – Non-ECC

4000 MHz (O.C.)

Gigabyte Z390 UD Realtek Motherboard


dual channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs memories

4400 MHZ

ASRock Z370 EXTREME4 Motherboard



4333 MHz (O.C.)

EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard



4133 + MHZ

Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7-9700K

1. GIGABYTE Z390 DESIGNARE Thunderbolt Motherboard

The GIGABYTE Z390 DESIGNARE motherboard comes in as an ideal choice for your intel core i7-9700K CPU due to its several superb features.  To begin with, it supports both the 8th and 9th generation processors thanks to its dual-channel Non-ECC unbuffered 4 DIMMs and DDR4 memories that can enable overclocking quick memory loading, and the prevention of possible bottlenecks for optimal performance.

The Motherboard also features a 12+1 Phases digital VRM solution with DrMOS that can provide enough power for a badass processor, such as the Intel Core i7-9700K.

Similarly, its Smart fan 5 technology and advanced thermal design with a direct touch heat pipe can effectively eliminate excess heat from the system to avoid thermal throttling and allow system durability. 

For superb internet connectivity, the system is equipped with a built-in AC Wi-Fi system, Bluetooth 5 technology, and Dual Intel Gigabit LAN with cFosSpeed. Similarly, its Intel thunderbolt 3 technology comprising of the USB-C allows top performance way above the rest.


  • Smart fan 5 feature
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • USB-C system
  • Easy to set up
  • Cons

  • Some of the customers have an issue with the Mobo’s audio system
  • 2. ASUS WS Z390 PRO Motherboard

    The ASUS WS Z390 PRO Motherboard comes in as the next ideal system for your Intel Core i7-9700K processor. This model is specially designed for the 9th generation socket 1151 Intel core CPUs since its 5-way optimization attribute allows automatic overclocking based on thermal telemetry and smart predictions that can save you tons of time.

    Furthermore, it features a configurable Fan Xpert 4 with dynamically accessible thermal sensors for efficient cooling and better temperature control and management.

    Our team likes its support for higher connectivity thanks to the ultra-fast dual M.2 and U.2 ports, front panel USB 3.1 Gen2, and Dual Intel Gigabit LAN, which supports up to 32 Gbps. At the same time, it integrates reversible USB USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C ports that provide the needed flexibility when connecting your PC’s internal hardware parts and peripherals alike.

    Likewise, it comes along with a top Channel HD Audio, brought about by the ASUS exclusive Realtek S1220A that features a crystal sound 3, DTS Headphone: X and Japanese capacitors. These can ensure an immersive and warm sound quality that eliminates the need for dedicated sound cards. 

    For durability purposes, the system utilizes a patent-pending safe slot process in its design that integrates metal framing.

    Regarding aesthetics, its customizable Aura Sync RGB lighting feature provides access to a wide array of colors for use.


  • 5-way optimization feature
  • FanXpert 4 technology
  • Safe slot feature
  • ASUS exclusive Realtek S1220A sound system
  • Cons

  • A little bit prized
  • 3. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Motherboard

    Next is the stylishly designed MSI MPG Z390 gaming pro motherboard. This device supports both the 8th and 9th generation processors, including the i9-9900k, i7-9700k, and i5-9600k CPUs, among others due to its multi-processor compatible LGA 1151 socket.

    For ultra-fast data upload and response rate, this unit incorporates a dual-channel DDR4 memory with a frequency of up to 4400 (OC) MHz, which can adequately handle high-end gaming situations. Nevertheless, one of our favorite features regarding this board is its high-performance Atx form factor that supports multiple graphical video cards for enhanced gaming experiences.

    Its extra features, such as the remarkable Audio Boost 4 with Nahimic 3, eliminates the need for installing dedicated sound cards, as well as liven your gaming experience. And thanks to its dual Front USB 3.1 gen2 type-c, you can maximize your internal and external connections.

    Also, you can customize this Motherboard to your liking thanks to its mystic lighting feature, which allows access to 16.8 million colors, and 29 effects that can enable color scheme change at the touch of a button. 


  • X2 M.2 slots
  • Customizable RGB lights
  • X3 PCIe slots
  • 2 PWM’s and 4 DC’s
  • Friendly user interface
  • X6 SATA ports
  • Cons

  • The MOSFETS can bring some issues if utilized in particular settings
  • 4. MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE Motherboard

    Just as the name suggests, this device is designed with all the whistles and bells you can find on a Motherboard worth its salt. It supports both the 9th and 8th generation Celeron, Pentium Gold, and Intel core processors thanks to its highly compatible LGA 1151 socket.

    Like its sibling above, this Motherboard supports a dual-channel DDR4 memory with a frequency of up to 4600(OC) MHz to enable high performance.

    Its remarkable internet connection is enabled by a 2x Killer E2500 LAN, and Killer Wireless-AC 1550 Wi-Fi, while the Turbo U.2, 3x Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield Frozr, Dual Front USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C enhances its internal and external connectivity. These can ensure a latency-free gaming experience.

    We also like this unit’s support for extreme overclocking and on-demand content creation features that allow hardcore gaming, which is a dream come true for every avid gamer.

    And to spice it up, it embodies a mystic light infinity feature that provides access to at least 16.8 million colors that can sync up with other enabled products.


  • Compatible with both the 8th and 9th generation processors
  • A killer wireless-AC 1550 Wi-Fi
  • A frequency of up to 4600(OC) MHz
  • Mystic Light Infinity
  • DirectX: 12 feature
  • Cons

  • Premium price
  • 5. ASUS ROG Strix Z370-G Motherboard

    Coming in next is the ASUS ROG Strix Z370 exclusively designed for the 8th generation processors. It features a built-in USB 3.1 Gen2 and 11ac Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN, and Bluetooth V4 that enables optimal speed and connectivity.

    Regarding performance, its 5-way optimization feature, alongside the FanXpert 4 technology, allows system configuration to achieve dynamic cooling, as well as top-notch OC functionality. Better still, its mATX Form Factor 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches enables a better system organization and expansion of the system to allow optimal functionality.

    Similar to its other models, the ASUS ROG Strix Z370 is equipped with firmly anchored Pcle slots that offer heavyweight and larger graphical cards maximum durability.

    What is more, it features a Supreme S1220A CODEC audio sound system that can enable an immersive gaming experience. At the same time, it’s AURA Sync RGB lighting feature with an endless spectrum of colors that can seamlessly provide more enjoyable sessions.

    The only requirement is to apply a thermal interface material to the CPU and CPU heatsink before installing the fan and heatsink, if necessary, to enable active cooling.


  • FanXpert 4 technology
  • mATX Form Factor
  • PCIe slots
  • AURA Sync RGB lighting feature
  • Cons

  • Might require an expert to install the thermal material
  • 6. Gigabyte Z390 UD Realtek Motherboard

    Like its sibling, the Gigabyte Z390 Thunderbolt above, this model supports both the 8th and 9th generation processors, including the i7-9700K CPU. This board supports a dual-channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs memories that can adequately support data upload and processing associated with heavy gaming.

    It’s New 10+2 Phases Digital PWM Design can provide enough power to your robust i7-9700K CPU for a smooth gaming and video streaming experience. At the same time, it’s Nvme PCIe Gen3 x4 22110 M.2 Connector allows effective peripheral, and gadget connectivity.

    You may also like its Multi-way Graphics Support with PCIe Armor that eliminates any possibilities of your Slots breaking down due to heavy and large video cards. Not to forget, its ultra-durable design that makes it a long term gaming companion. 

    For superior internet connection, the Motherboard integrates the Gigabyte exclusive 8118 Gaming LAN with bandwidth management that gives you ultimate control over your connectivity.


    • Ultra Durable Armor
    • Solid Pin Power Connectors
    • Smart Fan 5 feature


    • Doesn’t work with a SpeedFan

    7. ASRock Z370 EXTREME4 Motherboard

    Although specially designed for the Intel 8th generation processors, the ASRock Z370 EXTREME4 Motherboard can also support the 9th gen CPUs courtesy of the integrated LGA 1151 socket, which makes it versatile.

     Its 4 x DDR4 DIMM Slots provides ample space for the installation of enough memory for your gaming needs. While it’s ASRock USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port ̶ that is not common among many motherboards – provides superb connectivity and speeds of up to 10 GB/S for active gaming.

    Additionally, its support for a high definition multimedia interface allows the pairing up of high-end gadgets to actualize remarkable gaming experiences.


    • Sturdily built
    • Allows overclocking
    • Gold plated RAM slot pins


    • Some clients complain about its low number of USB ports

    8. EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard

    Lastly is the EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard that also supports both the 8th and 9th generation processors. The system combines its Atx form factor and 4 DIMM dual memories with a capacity of 64GB and a frequency of more than 4133 MHZ to achieve high performance. 

    For effective internal and external connectivity, the model features 6 USB 2.0 Ports and 5 USB 3.1 Gen2 ports; likewise, a 6 SATA, 2 M.2 Key-M 80mm and 110mm connection for high speeds of up to 32Gbps that can eliminate latency issues.

    We also like its three temperature sensors; one for the central processing unit, another for the board, and the third one for the PWM, which triggers the cooling mechanism in case of overheating. This helps in protecting the board against thermal throttling, as well as heat damage. 


    • Can easily overclock
    • Easy to install


    • Does not support on-board graphics

    It’s quite evident that a good number of motherboards can accommodate the Intel core i7-9700k processor. However, for top-notch performance, you need to consider a few specific aspects regarding the potential Motherboard before making a purchase; for instance, its type of Chipset and Socket.

    For this processor, it would be wise to select one with an LGA 1151 socket and a 300 series chipset to enable access to extensive compatibility, as well as superb features.

    Buyers Guide for the Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7-9700K

    As one of the most powerful processors that you can currently find in the market, the i7-9700k CPU requires an equally robust Motherboard with specific features to get the best out of it.

    Here is what to consider when scouting for one:

    • The type of Chipset: Due to its overclocking and high-performance capabilities, an excellent recommendation is a motherboard with a chipset within the 300-series range; for instance, the Z390 and Z370, which spot amazing features.
    • Furthermore, one with a chipset containing Max PCI-E lanes, if you’re looking for a system that supports multi-GPUs.
    • VRM quality: You need to incorporate a high-quality VRM for consistent performance since this processor supports higher clock speeds that require a stable power supply and a cooling mechanism
    • I/O ports/Expandability: The need to expand your memory or storage space, or connect additional gadgets and peripherals can turn into a nightmare if your Motherboard lacks the necessary input/output slots.
    • Therefore, it is essential to consider the number of M.2 slots, PCI-E slots, and SATA, among others, before settling on your potential purchase. These can be found at the back and front panels of your Motherboard.


    What kind of tasks is the i7 9700k processor most suited for?

    Due to its overclocking capabilities, this CPU is most suited for gamers, CG artists, and content creators, among other experts.

    Which Socket is mainly used by this processor?

    This CPU, among other Intel 9th and 8th generation processors, utilize the LGA 1151 socket, which makes them fit into the same motherboards.

    Can I upgrade this processor?

    Yes, you can. However, you really don’t need to if you are into gaming as the eight cores are enough.