Best Under Desk Foot Rest and Foot Stools

Yes, you may have the best gaming chair around; however, sitting down for prolonged periods on end without proper feet, support can undoubtedly take a toll on your back.

Luckily, with an appropriate under desk footrest, you can minimize the impact. Better still, prevent general body aches, as well as improve blood circulation in your feet.

Here, we give you a list of the best under desk Footrest for gamers that you can purchase, just to make sure that your feet, back, and neck are kept in tip-top condition.

best under desk foot rest and foot stools

1. Noblechairs Footrest

To start as of is the premium rated Noblechairs Footrest from the well-known Noblechairs brand reputed for comfortable and quality gaming chairs.

For starters, it comes off as a high-class design accessory created in line with the brand’s dream to roll out luxurious products.

For the price, you’re getting a footrest with unparalleled stitching for those who want nothing short of the best in their lives.

To add on that, it uses some of the best material in the market on its parts, for instance, its upholstered surface designed from real leather or perforated PU leather that gives it a supple and exciting touch.   

For ergonomic purposes the Footrest provides several practical adjustment options that enable quick and easy customization. As an example, its pivoted design allows a 360-degree rotation and tilt of up to 57 degrees for maximum comfort, as well as leg movement.

 Its rubberized feet prevents it from skidding, thus providing you with ample working experience.

As a bonus, the Footrest works well with both regular office chairs and gaming chairs produced by the same brand.


  • Designed with high-quality material
  • Adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Non-slip rubberized feet
  • 360 degrees spinning capabilities for unrivalled convenience
  • Cons

  • Premium price
  • 2. HiHydro Adjustable Footrest with Removable Soft Foot Rest Pad

    If you wanted something adjustable, as well as cushy for your daily routine, then nothing can beat the Adjustable Footrest with Removable Soft Foot Rest Pad.

    What we like about this beast is its sturdy frame thanks to its high-quality metal and ABS material parts that can withstand constant abuse for a considerable period, as well as handle up to 120 pounds.

    With this model, you don’t have to perform re-installations every time you want to use it. Also, easy to operate, as well as carry around and even better, comes along with a removable soft footrest pad that is easier to fall in love with.

    Thanks to its 4-level height adjustability, you can use it under the desk, in your car, train, and much more places. Your only duty is to fold it up and take it wherever you want.

    If your current gaming chair does its thing, but you just wanted to show your feet some love, then it gets no better than this.


  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Cons

  • A little bit heavier
  • 3 SUN-FLEX Standing and Regular Desk Footrest

    Though not aesthetically appealing the SUN-FLEX standing and regular desk footrest brings unrivaled awesomeness to the bargaining table.

    Its superior ergonomics are enabled by the self-adjusting footplate that provides commendable height adjustments. As an example, you can raise it from 3.15″ to 4.70″ or even 6.10″. Moreover, you can tilt the footplate to an angle of your liking.

    What you may also like about the product is its textured surface that prevents your feet from sliding off easily. Best of all, can be used as a standing footrest to provide the necessary support, health benefits, great support and a heck of fidgeting options. 

    Its intuitive height adjustment feature eliminates the need to reach under your desk or bend over to do your thing which makes it convenient, as well as fun to use.

    This hassock can be your ideal partner, especially if you have knee injury since its raised bar can provide the required mechanics and ergonomics for such a situation.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cons

    • You need to lift it from below, not the bar, as it may quickly come apart, which can be inconveniencing.

    4. HomeTown Market Adjustable Footrest

    If you wanted something Adjustable, less padded and firmer, rather than one that requires flipping over, then the Adjustable Footrest wouldn’t disappoint.

    By allowing height adjustments of up to 34 cm makes it suitable for a wide variety of angles to enable a right disposition.

    While its high-quality metal framework and sturdy plastic makes it a bit durable; just ensure that you do not sit on it.


  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Cons

  • Not cushy enough
  • 5. Adjustable Footrest (black)

    Just like its sibling above, this hassock can provide you the best in terms of sturdiness courtesy of its high-quality ABS and metal frame.

    Similarly, its adjustable and flexible nature makes it convenient to carry around and use; for instance, in a train, car, or office desk.

    Again, the strategically placed massaging beads allow improved blood circulation, as well as comfort in general. These can alleviate back pain, swollen legs, and body aches associated with prolonged sitting.

    Due to its substantial weight occasioned by the metallic frame, you can rest assured that it won’t be gliding around while in use. Just avoid sitting on its edges.


    • Strong
    • Up to 4 height adjustment levels
    • Massage beads for improved blood circulation
    • Portable
    • Durable


    • A bit heavy

    6. Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest

    The Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest as the name suggests, offers a convenient way of going about with your business. First off, it features a foot pedal that allows intuitive height adjustment. As such, you can adjust the height from 4.3″ to 6.7″ without leaving your chair.

    Besides, its wide foot support area measuring 18 by 14 inches provides ample foot space.

    If playing barefooted is your thing, the surface bumps would massage your feet, thereby improving blood circulation.

    At the same time, the adjustable tilt angle of up to 30 degrees allows considerable stretch on your feet.


    • Robust
    • Three-level height adjustment
    • Allows up to 30 degrees tilting


    • Some customers find it bulky

    7. 3M Height and Tilt Adjustable Foot Rest

    If you wanted something solid and at the same time aesthetically appealing then the 3M Height and Tilt Adjustable Foot Rest can fit your bill. This hassock is built from heavy steel alongside other eye appealing materials to reduce fatigue and strain on your back, neck, and legs.

    Thanks to its foot-controlled platform tilt adjustment you wouldn’t have to do anything else apart from planting your feet on it. A nudge here or there using your feet will adjust the footrest to your liking.

    Still on the brighter side, slip-resistant surface on the footrest helps in preventing your feet from sliding off easily. Similarly, the extra-wide 22″ platform is wide enough to provide ample room for both feet.

    You may also like its heavy steel base that holds it firmly on the ground, as well as ensuring durability. Installation is pretty easy as you don’t require any manuals or tools.

    To cap it all, the American Physical Therapy Association recommends the Footrest and also comes along with a five-year warranty that can take care of any eventualities.   


    • Wide platform
    • Safety walk slip-resistant surface
    • Heavy-duty steel construction
    • Durable


    • Quite heavy

    8. Mind Reader Comfy Adjustable Height Foot Rest

    Just like the name suggests, the mind reader comfy adjustable height footrest will provide you with the required foot support at the slightest hint. This can be attributed to its ability to respond to any slight swivel, which makes it extra flexible while sitting or massaging your feet.

    You would also appreciate its pebbled surface that will provide your feet a quick bottom massage after a hard day out or while at your office. As a recommendation you only need to put on your socks before gliding in smoothly and safely. 

    What we like most about this footrest are its ergonomic features that are modeled in an aesthetically appealing design. And what is more, comes at an affordable price.


    • Provides excellent value for its price
    • Pebbled for extra comfort


    • Some customers complain that the model isn’t durable

    9. Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest (natural)

    If you wanted a sturdy, comfortable, aesthetically appealing, as well as a highly functional piece, then look no further; the Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest (natural) might just be your jackpot.

    This beast boasts a steel frame and solid hardwood platform that can withstand constant abuse for years without caving in, as such, making it a sound investment.

    It is also designed with a non-skid surface that makes it a pleasure to work with on any surface without worrying about flying off your chair or scratching your expensive floor.

    As if that’s not enough, its ample 11.875″ Depth x 16″ Wide size can comfortably accommodate your feet cramming them in. And at the same time, the 3.75″ to 6.75″ height range will provide you with enough adjustment room for your needs.


    • Extremely sturdy making it durable


  • A bit heavy
  • 10. ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest

    Unlike the common cheap plastic footrests that have thronged the market, the ErgoFoam Adjustable footrest brings in a different ballgame altogether. First off, it features a plushy surface and adjustable form that your feet and ankles would certainly fall in love with.

    For sustained abuse, it features high-density form that can withstand continuous use without giving in compared to the memory form footrests. This enables an upright sitting posture for minimal leg, feet, knee, and back issues, as well as improved blood circulation. 

    Due to its semi-cylindrical design, you can either rock it forth and back or flip it over to maintain a constant position giving you more fidgeting options, as you go about your business. 

    In case you’re a short person, then this hammock can be your ideal piece since it is adequately raised, yet cushy enough to offer the rest the much-needed hugging. It may look like a simple, but performs what it was meant for.

    The brand gives you an option between one with breathable mesh or one with premium velvet and limited lifetime warranty to cater for any issues that might arise. And if it so happens, you only need to email a photo of the issue to the company for replacement, no questions asked. Easy peasy, right?


    • High-density foam for long term use
    • A 3.9″ and 5.9″ adjustable height
    • A non-slip cover that can also be removed for washing


    • Fewer mechanical options

    11. VIVO Ergonomic Standing Foot Rest

    When it comes to versatility and stability, the VIVO ergonomic standing footrest is a no pushover. Its unrivalled height adjustments that range between 5” to 11” allows you to assemble a super secure fortress.

    Moreover, the strategic joining points (holes) throughout the handle lets you adjust and lock it at the most comfortable and convenient position. At its lowest (5”) you may use it under your desk; however, without angle adjustment.

    At 11” you can comfortably work with standing desks and get to cover more acres of work, as well as enjoy improved blood circulation. Similarly, its full 9.8″ x 15.7″ platform provides plenty of room for your feet.

    You’d also like its anti-slip textured surface that prevents your feet from slipping off quickly while its rubber padded floor maintains the stand in one position.

    Its sturdy steel design makes it an admirable investment as it can withstand prolonged use compared to the plastic models.

    Assembling this product is pretty easy, as you only need to position the three pieces in place, and you are good to go; no manuals or tools required here. 

    Its three-year manufacturer warranty covers you in case of any eventuality.


    • A higher height scale range
    • Sturdy metal frame that makes it durable
    • It’s near to 11 in maximum height makes it suitable for standing desks


    • A bit heavy making it less portable
    • Doesn’t support angle adjustments
    • Aesthetically unappealing

    12. Strong Tek Foot Rest

    If going natural is your thing, then the Strong Tek Foot Rest can fit your bill. Crafted from heavy-duty Lauan hardwood plywood, this Footrest can withstand long term abuse, as well as provide superior performance with comparative ease.

    The Footrest flaunts a well-balanced rocker structure comprising of curved feet with anti-slip grips that provides maximum angle tilting capabilities devoid any sliding experiences. This allows a smooth gaming experience that can integrate some feet and ankle stretching exercises for better blood circulation.

    Additionally its slip-resistant textured surface would prevent your feet from slipping off quickly.

    The footrest affords some bragging rights thanks to its former NASA scientist designer who majorly focused on producing an implement that can reduce foot fatigue.

    As a bonus, the Footrest embodies a superior quality and unique design that sets it apart from the rest.


    • Made from a natural material
    • Rubber grips to prevent sliding
    • Simple mechanics
    • Sturdy and Lightweight


    • Some clients complain that it is too short for their use.

    13. Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

    If you love both functionality and aesthetics in an instance, then the Eureka Ergonomic tilt-adjustable footrest can be your to-go model. This hassock combines superior quality features that are, as well aesthetically appealing.

    What we like about this Footrest is its floating adjustment system that provides the much needed ergonomics. For instance, with a simple nudge you can comfortably adjust the tilting angle up to 20 degrees. What’s more, stays put at the set angle.

    Though you can’t rock your feet with this Footrest, its flat texturized surface can provide the occasional massage, which can be pressure-relieving especially during intense moments. Likewise, its rubberized feet prevents it from sliding or scratching your floor.

    Generally, the hassock boasts of superb built made up of a bronze metal frame and eco-friendly rubber which helps in the conservation of the environment and, at the same time, improve your work environment.

    On the flip side, it can only reach a height of 3.4 inches when placed on a flat surface. This implies that you’d have to put some stuff underneath it or lower your chair if you’re a short person.


    • A textured surface that can be used for massages purposes
    • Metallic construction for enhanced durability
    • Up to 20 degrees tilt angle for comfortable use
    • A rubberized surface that prevents skidding


    • Few height adjustment alternatives

    A standing or under desk Footrest can alleviate some of the common problems associated with prolonged sitting. For instance, back aches, knee and neck problems, as well as general body aches, especially if you are an avid gamer or work for long periods.

    Hopefully, our reviews can enable you choose your best fit.

    Buying Guide for the best under desk footrest and footstools

    Selecting the best Footrest for your needs can sometimes be hectic considering their number that has infiltrated the market. However, with some guidance, you can find the process inviting.

    But first,

    Why use a footrest in the first place?

    It goes without question that prolonged sitting associated with hard gaming or office work can result in a number of maladies. For instance, consistent back aches, swollen legs, and pain full ankles, among others, which can affect your overall performance and general health.

    This makes a footrest handy especially if you are a work horse or into heavy gaming.

    Specifically, here is why you need one: 

    Provides support to your upper body and lower back

    The WHO lists lower back pain as one of the leading causes of reduced productivity among individuals in America, which has coasted the economy up to a whopping $100 billion per year. As a result of lost production, idle assets, and absenteeism.

    Fortunately, acquiring a footrest can turn things around as it can adequately support your upper body and lower back, hence reducing chances of poor productivity. This stems from the fact that a suitable footrest allows a right sitting posture for proper body support.

    Furthermore contributes towards improved, alertness, and responsiveness to immediate environment.

    Allows effective blood circulation

    Medically, precise foot positioning allows natural blood circulation. A footrest comes in handy, especially for gamers, since it would allow you to place your feet at the correct angle for efficient blood flow. This has an astounding effect on your general health.

    An example is an adequate footrest to alleviate issues to do with leg or ankle swelling, as it enables proper circulation of oxygenated blood. Investing in a dynamic or adjustable footrest would allow you to easily change your foot position to enable ideal foot angling, besides reducing potential fatigue.

    Also, by reducing the pressure on your feet, a footrest prevents blood clots from deep vein thrombosis.

    Enables relaxation

    As an office worker or avid gamer, you probably spent most of your time sitting down. For instance, between eight to fifteen hours a day, which makes it quite cumbersome, especially without supporting your body.

    However, having a Footrest by your side can enable a relaxed or active stay as it absorbs some of the strain and stress. For example, an effective model can allow you perform simple leg exercises, which enables relaxation.

    Allows proper posture

    An appropriate Footrest can definitely correct your posture especially if you’re a worker or gamer who spends most of their time slouching over a computer screen or play stations.

    Compliments other office furniture

    An aesthetically appealing and robust footrest can significantly change things in your working space. This stems from the fact that it can complement the existing furniture to realize maximum performance, comfort, and convenience.

    For instance, it can eliminate any existing inconsistencies such as varied furniture dimensions to enable a smooth working or gaming experience.  

     Can enable you to rock your style

    Thanks to their customizable nature, you can revamp your Footrest to suit your workspace. For example, you can fit it with your desired type of material, color, surface and cushion, among other details for maximum comfort.

    Better still you can move with it wherever you want to go.

    Ergonomic purposes

    Factually, a practical Footrest can alleviate or reduce leg discomfort, reduce strain, and promote better posture.

    This stems from the fact that it can allow you shift your weight at will, as such provide you with much-needed relief.

    Can compensate for inadequate height

    A footrest can come in handy, especially if you have a short stature and needed something to place your feet on in order to enjoy your work. Or gaming experience without limiting your options.

    Allows active sitting

    Having a versatile Footrest can allow a variety of leg exercises; for instance stretches and rocking movements that would enable proper blood flow, as well as a relaxed experience.  

    Works equally well with a standing desk

    In case you have a standing desk, you can also use a footrest to enable maximum productivity as it would allow you to work for extended periods compared to when you’re flat-footed.

    Besides, can help you to maximize health benefits associated with standing for extended periods.

    What to consider when purchasing an underdesk footrest and footstool


    For a smooth working and gaming experience you need a strong footrest that can withstand your weight without giving in. This aspect depends on the kind of material and design used in its creation.

    Also, its maintenance of position is paramount while gaming or working. As such, select one that holds firmly onto the placement surface; for instance, with a rubber or silicone surface to avoid skidding.  


    A convenient footrest is one that allows its use in various situations without compromising effectiveness.

    Therefore, having a footrest that can adjust to different heights can be much welcome when intending to use it with furniture of different sizes as it eliminates the need of propping it up.


    Since you’re going to use this accessory for extended periods, it is wise to invest in a footrest that allows maximum comfort as it would reduce your fatigue levels. For instance, choose one that is dynamic or has a positive inclination compared to a flat-footed one.

    Furthermore, a footrest that allows a rocking movement as it enables active sitting.

    Versatility and portability

    For convenience purposes, it is wise to invest in a footrest that allows easy portability. Therefore, as a rule of thumb consider a model with a small foot print and at the same time crafted from quality lightweight materials. As such, you can even carry them around on planes and cars.

    Likewise, one that can enable various resting angles or change from rocking to non-rocking, this would allow several sitting styles, comfort, and proper blood circulation.

    The quality of material

    Since it is a long term investment, you want something that can stay with you for a considerable period. 

    Therefore, you spent your money on a footrest that is made from high-quality material, as well as design to enable sustained use.


    Is a footrest good for one’s posture?

    Yes! An addition of a footrest to your work or gaming experience can significantly reduce strain on your back and improve your posture.

    Furthermore, reduce discomfort on your legs even on a standing desk.

    Can you add a footrest to a gaming chair?

    It isn’t necessary to add a footrest to your gaming chair as most of them come with built-in footrests. Nevertheless, you can utilize one in conjunction with your gaming chair.

    In essence, acquiring a footrest that can go under your desk is an excellent way of adding a footrest to your current gaming chair, which is economical compared to purchasing a new chair with a footrest.

    Additionally, you can easily carry it around.