Best Vertical GPU Mount

Computer users and enthusiasts feel ecstatic when gaming or working on computers that are superb in terms of efficiency and aesthetics. Such computers would harbor high-end graphics cards with beautiful design and LED lighting on.

To achieve this satisfaction, one needs strikingly designed cases. This quality, especially with visuals, requires high end and big graphics cards, which consequently demands acquiring a chassis with an inbuilt vertical mount bracket or a separate vertical GPU mount kit that can be fitted in a supported case.

Below is a review of some of the best computer cases that support vertical GPU mount and come with vertical expansion slots, as well as best vertical GPU mounts you can find in the market.

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Best Vertical GPU Mounts and Cases with Vertical GPU Mount

1. Phanteks PH-VGPUKT_02 – Universal Vertical GPU Bracket 

Another superb mount kit you can get for your new build is Phanteks’ PH-VGPUKT_02, which is a premium universal vertical GPU mount.

To begin with, this GPU mount has a solid build as it is made using a metal frame that’s strong enough to support the massive weight of your heavy graphics cards without sagging or bending. The metal finish looks incredibly attractive and can perfectly blend in with your PC case.

When it comes to installation, this mount kit is uniquely designed to work with PC cases with an open PCI slot design. The installation is quite easy as you only need to place it over seven PCIe slots and secure it in place using the included three thumbscrews. It also comes fitted with adhesive pads that protect the mount’s smooth bottom, so you shouldn’t worry about it scratching other components. It fits perfectly into standard-size cases and leaves ample room for bottom fans.

The Phanteks PH-VGPUKT_02 mount kit also comes with a high-performance flat-line 220mm Riser cable that supports PCI-e 3.0. The Riser cable is made of gold-plated contacts that work perfectly with the latest GPUs and enable fast transmission of data. This way, you’re able to focus on gaming, without constant screen flickering or FPS drops.

I also found this one reviewed on YouTube as one that can fit any case size!

Here are some of the best cases that come pre-built with vertical GPU mounts:

2. NZXT H510i – CA-H510i-W1 – Compact ATX

H501i is a product of by NZXT, an American computer hardware company best known for the manufacture of computer cases, components, and accessories for the PC gaming market. The NZXT H510i Mid-Tower Case is one of the best cases that supports vertical GPU mount. It is a white sleek and stylish designed modern case.

H501i has a built-in mounting bracket for installing the GPU vertically. It also has a PSU shroud and an integrated cable management system at the back that makes wiring easy and intuitive. It supports an ATX motherboard, three 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives, and three dual-slot graphics cards. It also allows the installation of a single unit dual-slot graphics card vertically using an optional riser cable.

With the capacity to support both liquid and air-cooling systems, H510i has two fans, one at the back and another at the top, making it very effective in cooling the various components.

The H510i has a tempered glass side panel that installs with a single thumbscrew. The case also has an NZXT’s CAM-powered Smart Device, a fan, and RGB LED lighting control unit to show off the hardware. NZXT CAM lighting and fan control device features three 10W fan channels, and two RGB LED ports that support up to four HUE+ LED strips or five Aer RGB/RGB2 fans.

The H510i case has front USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port with speeds of up to 10 Gb/s, cable management bar, and cable routing channels. It comes with an extra 2.5″ drive mounting on top of the PSU shroud and behind the motherboard tray. There is also a removable fan/radiator mounting bracket and two 120mm Aer F120 rifle-bearing fans for maximum cooling.

The USB 3.1 Gen2-compatible USB-C connector on the front panel makes it easier to connect smartphones, high-speed external storage, or the latest external devices to the PC. The H510i measures 16.85 x 8.27 x 18.11 inches and weighs merely 18 pounds.

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3. Meshify S2 ATX Modular Tempered Mid Tower Computer Case

Meshfy S2 is a product of Fractal Design, a Scandinavian designer and manufacturer of PC hardware, famous for great designs, aesthetics and build quality.

Meshify S2 is a roomy case with vertical GPU mounts and excellent cooling capacity. It exhibits powerful performance with bold aesthetics magnified to an all-new degree. The interior of the Meshify S2 is roomy, providing room for big graphics cards. A feature worth noting is that the case allows you to display your video card through the side window by vertically mounting it on the included vertical mount.

The motherboard tray supports Extended ATX boards (up to 285mm wide), along with standard ATX, Mini-ITX, and MicroATX motherboards.

Meshify S2 has an innovative removable top bracket and bolt-free tempered glass panel that is seamless and bolt-free with push-to-lock latching on both side panels for easy access.  It has an iconic angular mesh that offers a distinctive look, boosts air intake allowing maximum use of the open-layout PC.

Meshify S2 is uniquely designed for advanced liquid cooling with adjustable reservoir brackets, pre-drilled pump mounts and pump, and an innovative removable top bracket with a dedicated fill port.  It is equipped with nine fan positions and Nexus+ Smart hub that allows motherboard control of up to three PWM devices and six case fans.

Besides, Meshify S2 has covered cable management and storage support, full-length ventilated PSU shroud with a removable front cover, and alternate SSD mounts. It has covered drive mounts for two SSDs and three HDDs with vibration-dampened enclosures.

Like other Fractal Design cases, Meshify 2 has its ports and buttons at the top of the case. The power button is flanked by audio jacks, a reset button, two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port.

Meshify S2 comes in white and black (dark and solid) color.  Measuring about 9.2 by 21.2 by 18.3 inches and weighing only 22.1 pounds, this is a superb mid-size case. It also stands on four elevated chrome feet for improved airflow. You may also love that Meshify S2 comes in a range of color options and tempered glass, so you can rest assured you’ll find one that you like.

4. Thermaltake A700 Aluminum Tempered Full Tower Chassis

The A700 Aluminum TG is a Taiwan made easily assembled case designed to be sleek and simple, perfect for anyone looking for a feature-rich, futuristic and stylish chassis. The case has vertical GPU mounts and supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, and E ATX motherboards.

The case has a built-in PSU cover with a ventilated design that improves airflow and a good cable management. The case comes equipped with dust filters that help keep your GPU and other components dust-free and well-ventilated.

The A700 TG has aluminum front panels to ensure chassis security, in addition to providing an ultramodern gaming aesthetic. Since Aluminum is both water and corrosive resistant, it guarantees durability, as well as helps bring out the elegant and sleek curves. In addition, the case has two hinged 5mm slightly tinted tempered glass lockable swing-doors that guarantee window durability, clear viewing capability, and security.

In terms of cooling, the A700 TG is both air and liquid cooling compliant. It comes with a pump mounting plate at the bottom and a vertical radiator. Further, it has two 2 preinstalled 140mm fans in the front and another in the rear and has expansion space for three similar ones.

The 700 TG has innovative graphics cards, TG and GPU vertical mounts, and patented Rotational PCI-E slots that allow vertical or horizontal mounting of your GPU cards. You can mount up to two GPUs vertically using this case.

In terms of peripherals and gamer gear, the case has a fully featured I/O setup with two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, and a real Type-C connector alongside the two audio plugs. It can hold up to eleven hard drives for all your storage needs

Best Vertical GPU Mount

If you own a case without a vertical GPU mount pre-built, then the best way to vertically mount your beautiful graphics card is by installing a Vertical GPU mount Kit that’s compatible with your chassis. And if you’re not sure the best one to choose, here are some of the best vertical GPU mount kits out there.

3. CableMod Vertical PCI-e Bracket – 2 x DisplayPort 

If you’re looking to showcase your fancy air- or liquid-cooled graphics cards without thermally suffocating it, then your best option is using CableMod vertical PCI-e Bracket.

First and foremost, this GPU mount has a reliable and durable construction as it’s made using a steel frame. This means that it will remain sturdy and firmly in position even when you’ve installed the most heavy-duty graphics card out there.  The steel frame is covered with a premium powder-coated finish, which gives it a stylish, luxurious look that perfectly matches most of the new cases.  This enables you to securely mount your beautiful GPU while at the same time enhancing your build’s aesthetic appeal.

This kit’s user-friendly design makes assembling and installing it pretty easy and straightforward for you.  For compatibility, you can seamlessly use this vertical mount kit with virtually any PC case so long as it has seven free PCI-e slots. You’ll also love that you won’t have to make any modifications to your case when installing this mount kit, so you don’t loose your warranty.

Another great thing about this mount kit is that it positions your GPU further away from the glass panel, allowing proper airflow and thermal reduction for optimum performance.

Additionally, the CableMod Vertical PCI-e Bracket comes equipped with a single PCI-e riser cable that allows you to conveniently connect your graphics card to a PCIe slot on your motherboard.  The high-quality Riser cable works flawlessly with high-end graphics cards and ensures high-speed transmission of data.

This mount kit also comes with two DisplayPort 1.4 cables that extend the display connections outside the PC case, allowing you to easily connect with your monitor.

5. Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit V2 with Riser Cable

Uniquely designed for standard ATX cases, the Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Mount Kit Version 2 allows you to better display your beautiful graphics card and its cooler.

This GPU mount kit has a quality and robust build made of SGCC steel frame and base to ensure it nicely supports your heavy graphics cards without folding. The bottom part comes fitted with strong magnets that firmly hold it down inside your case, preventing any unwanted movements. 

The holder pieces are made of quality ABS plastic and are designed to lock tightly to ensure they don’t move even when you’ve mounted your graphics card. The holders also come handy in preventing your big graphics cards from sagging.

One feature that sets this vertical mount apart is its adjustable design, as you can configure the rod in two different sizes to fit the size of your case and accommodate various sizes of GPUs. This also allows you to install it in cases with either closed or open PCI slots.

With this kit, you get a superior version 2 riser cable for connecting your GPU to your motherboard’s PCIe slots. The high-speed riser cable works incredibly well without any noticeable GPU degradation. Installing this mount kit into the chassis is extremely easy as long as your case has seven PCI slot spaces.

Once installed, this vertical GPU mount leaves plenty of space to the side panel for better GPU airflow and cooling.


While many computer cases may not have the capacity to support vertically mounted GPUs, users will always want a variety of designs and improved efficiency when using their computers.

Vertically mounted GPUs are mainly for aesthetics, however, they have an advantage in that you can install your high-end bulky graphics card vertically, preventing it from sagging and reducing the weight on your motherboard PCI-E slots.

When it comes to choosing the best vertical GPU mount for your rig, be sure to confirm that it is compatible with your case to make installation easier for you. Nearly all the mount kits reviewed are compatible with a range of case sizes, so you’ll have no compatibility issues. On the other hand, if you want a plug and play option without all the installation processes, then you may opt for a chassis with a vertical GPU mount kit built-in.

All the kits mentioned above will enable you to mount your cards vertically while allowing proper airflow for efficient cooling. 

All in all, if you truly want to showcase your strikingly beautiful RGB GPUs, it is therefore prudent to invest in vertical GPU mounts or cases that support vertically mounted GPUs.