Best Water Cooler for i7 7700k

If you have a powerful and high-performance processor such as the i7 7700k, you need to install the best CPU with excellent cooling ability. This helps to ensure the temperatures are kept in check while running CPU-intensive programs and games. Here are some of the best water cooler for i7 7700k out there worth considering.

The Intel i7-7700k is undeniably one of the most powerful and high performance you can get out there. And while it may be one of the popular choices for gamers and enthusiasts, the 7700k doesn’t come with an in-built cooling system. This means that your 7700k processor can easily overheat and result in frequent lags of your system while under heavy load.

As such, you need to get the best bater cooler for i7 7700k out there to ensure the heat generated by your 7700k processor is cleared off. And when it comes to choosing the best cooler for the 7700k CPU, you can’t go wrong with a great water cooler. Unlike air coolers, liquid coolers offer amazingly efficient CPU cooling with minimal noise for the ultimate performance.

However, not every water cooler will be right for you, mostly because they come in different sizes, build quality, prices, and, most importantly, performance. That said, the best cooler is one that perfectly fits your case, offers superior cooling, and is within your budget as it’ll ensure you get maximum value for your money.

If you’re not sure what water cooler to choose from the many options out there, here is a detailed review of the five best water coolers for i7 7700k that you can consider.

Best Water Cooler for i7 7700k

1. NZXT Kraken X62 - #1 Best Water Cooler for i7 7700k

Kraken X62 is a high-end liquid cooler by NZXT, and it is one of the best-performing liquid coolers in the market today. It boasts a circular block elegantly lit by RGB light, enhancing the overall looks of the cooler.

The radiator features three Aer P120 fans that spin quite faster than other AIO coolers, which makes the X62 perform better with virtually inaudible operation.

The base of the Kraken X62 has a smooth copper plate with a pre-applied paste along with two ports, including a 9-pin port and a mini-B USB port. You can connect the mini-B USB port using the 9-pin USB 2.0 cable through which you can manage the CAM software. On the other hand, you can connect the 9-pin port to PWM to control the fans using the software.

Overall, the Kraken X72 is top of the line cooling solution ideal for your i7-7700k and a perfect choice for overclocking. If you are ready to part with a big chunk for this premium cooler, go for it. It offers the perfect blend of elegance and performance you cannot find anywhere else.

2. Corsair Hydro H150i Pro

Corsair lives up to its reputation for producing industry-leading gaming hardware, computer peripherals, and top-of-the-line cooling systems, and Corsair Hydro H150i Pro liquid cooling system is not an exception.

Hydro Series H150i Pro is Corsair’s flagship liquid cooler that embodies the company’s expertise when it comes to AIO cooling systems. This cooler allows you to overclock your 7700k and gives you the ultimate silent operation to acceptable temperature levels while emitting gorgeous RGB colors.

The H150i Pro is an exceptionally clean-looking cooler featuring an aluminum-flecked logo and a braided tube covering between the radiator and the block.

When it comes to cooling performance, the Hydro H150i Pro will blow your mind away. It does not produce noise and comes with advanced fans equipped with a set of three ML120 magnetic levitation variants. When combined with the zero-RPM fan mode, which is in the Link software suite, the noise from the fan is easily reduced to a minimum. The fans only commence when the processors reach a temperature of your choice.

Overall, if you have ample space for this beast, it is among the quietest liquid CPU coolers ideal for i7-7700k processors.

3. EVGA CLC 280

EVGA is a reputable brand well known for producing gaming products, including motherboards and graphics cards, although it is newer to the scene when it comes to cooling systems.

Based on its predecessor Asetek 5 cooler, EVGA CLC 280 is a new kid on the block offering unrivaled flow rate and enhanced heat transfer for greater cooling efficiency.

The CLC 280 comes with downloadable Flow Control software that gives you total control over the fan speed, pump control, RGB lighting as well as profiles. The best part is that the settings are saved to the firmware, so you just have to set it once and forget. EVGA also gives you room for customization by connecting the cooler with EVGA graphics cards so you can match the colors from the software.

When it comes to performance, CLC 280 is a real workhorse and will not disappoint you. The temperature remains stable and does not go above 47 degrees, even under intense conditions. It has an excellent build quality and provides great support making it a strong contender for the i7 7000k.

Besides that, it comes with a thermal interface material and a multi-socket mounting system to ensure the installation is quick and straightforward. It is fully compatible with all AMD and Intel CPU sockets.

4. Cooler Master ML360R

If you are an overclocking enthusiast looking for a liquid cooler that will keep CPU load temperatures in check, Cooler Master ML360R is a champion. This model adds 33 percent more of the radiator’s surface area for enhanced cooling performance. As a result, it cools better than the legendary NZXT Kraken X72.

Supporting most popular AMD and Intel CPU sockets, this cooler Master comes with a wide assortment of mounting hardware and accessories. This includes the back plates, Cooler Master thermal compound, RGB lighting control module, threaded offsets and bolts, and USB connection cabling that enables you to control RGB from your desktop.

Additionally, ML 360R has three 120mm MF120R ARGB fans with a sturdy build quality attached to the 360mm radiator to maximize airflow and heat transfer from the CPU. With the addressable RGB lighting, you can customize the color of the fans to match your system’s lighting.

The low profile dual chamber pump is made from Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) glass fiber to prevent corrosion and rust as well as making it waterproof. The pump has a diffuser designed to provide an even color, EPDM rubber rings to avoid the emission of liquid and a tri-phase motor with an ultra-silent driver to keep the operation inaudible. 

Besides, the pump also has a high-performance impeller for an enhanced liquid pressure in the twin sleeved FEP tubes. Another impressive feature of the pump is the micro channel cold plate that helps to increase the water contact surface to transfer heat faster.

5. Arctic Liquid Freezer 120

While Arctic may not be one of the most famous brands out there, it stands out for its superior lineup of computer coolers and components. Arctic’s flagship AIO cooler, the Liquid Freezer 120, is a solid unit designed to offer maximum CPU cooling at a competitive price point.

To begin with, this liquid cooler boasts a high-performance, 120mm aluminum radiator that’s 49mm thick and has dense fin layout that provides greater surface area for maximum heat dissipation.

The cooler also features a powerful pump that ensures maximum coolant displacement and a water block with a copper-plated base for efficient thermal transfer. It also comes fitted with two powerful 120mm F12 PWM fans with PST function. The PST function allows you to control the fan speeds as needed based on the temperature levels.

Designed with computational fluid dynamics, the two fans are optimized to provide high airflow for maximum cooling of the radiator. It also comes designed with a fluid dynamic bearing that helps to ensure the quietest operation of the fans even when operating at maximum speeds of up to 1350 RPM.

When it comes to compatibility, this water cooler is designed to support nearly all socket types, including both Intel and AMD sockets. So, you’ll have no problem using it in your modern sockets.

Overall, the Liquid Freezer 120 by Arctic is a great budget cooler that offers efficient cooling for your overclocked 7700k CPU minimal noise output.


As you’ve seen from our review, there are plenty of cooling solutions out there that you can choose from to keep your i7 7700k from thermal throttling. All the water coolers in our list feature excellent build quality, superior cooling performance, noise reduction, and come at competitive prices.

So, no matter which you choose, you can rest assured it can perfectly handle your overclocked i7 7700k processor. But, to ensure you’re buying the best cooler for you, be sure to confirm that it fits into your PC casing and provides enough clearance for your RAM modules. What's your best water cooler for i7 7700k?