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Why should you get one of the best gaming chairs and desist using any regular office chair? If you are a serious gaming enthusiast, here is some nasty news for you …

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 80 percent of the population will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. As a gamer, you know you have to sit for many hours on end. You could be a victim in the making, for back pain.

But enough of the doom and gloom already! There is a respite for you in the chairs specifically made for gaming.

In this article, we look at chairs that can help keep your back healthy as you play your favorite RPG, FPS, MMORPG or any other game for longer.

Reviews of the 10 Best Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs come in their numbers, in all styles, sizes and at different costs. There is so much variety in the market such that choosing the best chair for gaming can be quite challenging. We have done the hard work for you by handpicking 10 of the best chairs for gaming

Best Gaming Chairs

1. Intel Core i7-8700K

Nothing beats having a versatile chair that you can use for computer gaming, office work, resting, and even watching TV. This Hollman high back chair has many exciting features for comfort and functionality.

This chair is made with what we call shaping high-density foam. What this means is that the foam conforms to the natural shape of your spine yet at the same time gives you full support at the pressure points in your back.

Under all that padding is a high quality steel frame that is 1.8mm thick. This is where the chair gets its strength and ability to support its maximum weight rating of 300 pounds. In addition, the chair has a gas lift integrated which makes it easy to adjust the chair depending on your height.

This chair also has high quality casters that turn in all directions. The chair can swivel in all directions and the wheels move easily on all types of floors including carpets, tiles and others.


High back design offers support for the lower back, middle back and upper back

Easy to set up

Firm padding for cushioning

Has lumbar and head cushion for spine alignment


The chair is a bit heavy

The armrests are not adjustable

2. Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair

This is a gaming cum office chair with many features to boot. Designed with the input of eSport (competition for video gamers) professionals, this chair is truly ergonomic. For every hour that you sit on it, the chair is going to support the natural curve of your spine.

From the features to the looks, this is a good chair. On the padding, there are stitched diamond patterns. This high quality stitching is combined with leather or PU leather. In addition, the chair also has a good steel frame that supports the weight of 330 pounds.

For support, this chair has lumbar support and a good backrest and both of them are adjustable. There are flexible 4D armrests that you can adjust to suit your height or just push them outward to make more room. Other adjustable features include the tilt mechanism that reclines by 125 degrees.

Finally, you can use this chair for both computer gaming and office work. You can also recline it back and watch TV or just relax. The padding is not too firm therefore making this a very comfortable chair for all time.


Chair looks very sleek and stylish

Excellent lumbar support

High quality casters that move well on all floors

Headrest has comfortable memory foam


The chair is a bit too heavy

3. RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

From the top, this chair looks like the seat of a sports car. And it performs just as well. The RESPAWN 200 racing-style gaming chair is so comfortable and ergonomic it will make you want to sit and play your favorite game for longer.

The kind of adjustability that comes with this chair is awesome. For your comfort, you get a reclining angle of 130 degrees. However, even if you do not want to recline to the full angle, you can lock the chair at the most comfortable angle. The full recline range is between 90 and 130 degrees.

The armrests are adjustable in different ways. You can adjust the height of the armrests as well as their depth. This allows you to find your most comfortable fit. In addition to the adjustable armrests, you can also raise or lower the height of this chair.

You would think that this is all the adjustability that you would get with this chair, but there is more. The lumbar support is adjustable, so you can give your back support where it needs most. The headrest is also adjustable to suit people of different heights.

When you sit down and play computer games for hours, the intense action will make your back sweat. However, this chair has the mechanism to prevent that. The backrest has a meshed fabric that allows air to flow in and out, thus keeping you cool as you play.


Nice black color with blue trims

Highly breathable backrest to keep you cool

Lots of adjustability all round


Weighing 50 pounds, it is too heavy to move about

4. GTRACING Gaming and Office Chair

This chair is so appealing to the eye and it does perform as well too. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Inside the chair is a strong metal frame that will handle all this weight without buckling. Combined with the thick padding, you get a chair that is going to keep your back well supported throughout your sitting experience.

Long gaming hours require you to have comfort, which you will have in plenty in this chair.

First, the chair is upholstered in premium quality PU leather. It mimics the qualities of natural leather. Another very important feature for comfort is the waterfall edge seat. When you sit down, its edge does not press upwards towards your legs to interfere with your blood flow.

You will get ample support in the lumbar region thanks to the added pillow. The headrest is also very comfortable and both of these features keep the back well aligned, allowing the spine to retain its natural curve. When you do not need to use the lumbar pillow or headrest, you can remove them.

You can adjust the recline angle of the backrest from 90 to 170 degrees. Once you set it at a certain angle, it locks into place nicely. That is not all though for the adjustable features. You can raise or lower the seat height and the armrests.


High quality casters that roll smoothly

Wide customizability for more comfort

Nice red and black color combination


The armrests could go higher than their current maximum height

5. DXRacer Formula Gaming/Office Chair Series OH/FD01/N

The matte black color of this gaming and office chair makes it look professional and more expensive than it is. However, looks are nothing if there is not enough comfort in a chair. This one has been made with cold cured foam for longevity and comfort. If you can play games for up to 8 hours or more, this is the chair to get.

This chair has a high back design, which has its benefits. First, you get good upper back support. For this chair, the headrest area is designed as part of the backrest. It also has two vent holes that allow air to circulate around your neck and keep you cool.

When you need to put your legs up and relax, you need to tilt the back with confidence that your chair will stay stable. The backrest is reclinable so you can lean back to enjoy a nap in the office or at home after an intense gaming session.

The back and the seat of the chair are made of meshed material. This allows air to flow in to keep the user cool and comfortable throughout the long working hours.


High backrest is comfortable

Good 2-inch casters that move well on different floors

Integrated with good back support


The weight rating is a bit low at 200 pounds

6. AKRacing AK BK/RD Core Series Gaming Chair

Because of the breathable material used on the backrest and the seat of this chair make it breathable enough. It is perfect for use in summer when you have to sit for long hours playing your favorite MMORPG game for hours on end. It will keep your back cool.

No matter how much time you spend playing, you will not feel sore thanks to the lumbar support that this chair gives you. It has a cushion for the lower back, as well as one for the headrest. These cushions are provided at no extra fee.

Inside the padding, cold cure memory foam and the upholstery is a high quality frame made of steel. It is strong and durable. It is also able to support more weight at 330 pounds as compared to many other chairs that have a weight rating of 300 pounds.

The 5-star metal base is indeed a good feature. It makes the chair even more durable and with time, it will not peel as plastic bases do. For movement, there are 2.5-inch polyurethane casters that move excellently on any indoor surface.


Adjustable armrests rise and fall but cannot go backward or forward

Assembles fast – in less than 20 minutes

Stylish design


The seat cushion feels too stiff when it is new

7. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Massage Computer Gaming Chair

The most outstanding thing that you will notice about this chair is the thick, 4.8-inch cushion. You can sit on this chair for long hours without feeling too much strain. If you check carefully under the seat pad, you will notice a hidden pad. This one is an extendable footrest. It comes in useful when you want to recline back and nap in the office or in your gaming room.

This chair also has adjustable lumbar support and headrest. You can lower or raise any of these two features along the straps provided for that. The headrest can also give your neck some good respite when you feel fatigued after bending on your computer for too long.

For the adjustable features, you get a reclining backrest, which is very important when you want to relax in the office or at your gaming station. You also get 2D adjustable armrests that you can raise or lower.

As compared to other chairs that we have reviewed here, this one has been made with alloy frame, which makes it lighter in weight. It only weighs 51 pounds. Nevertheless, it can still support 300 pounds of weight.


Sturdy build and comfortable

Made with high quality material

Simple to assemble


Chair might not be very comfortable for extra tall guys

8. Arozzi Vernazza Series Super Premium Gaming Chair

You will pay more buck for this chair, but hey, it is all worth it considering the features that the chair comes with. First, it has a higher weight rating of 360 pounds. If you are tall and big-framed, you will love this chair. It is made for people with extra wide shoulders.

In addition to the high backrest, you also get a sculpted pillow for your headrest. This chair is designed to offer comfort and support as you enjoy your game for long hours. However, note that when it is new, the padding feels a bit stiff but it eases with time.

You can tilt this chair by 12 degrees. That is not all, you can even recline it backward from 90 to 180 degrees for total relaxation. The armrests are also adjustable in six ways – up, down, forward, backward and outward/inward.


Three-inch casters move very well on all types of floors

Looks so stylish with its blue and black color combo

High quality PU leather for the upholstery


Lumbar support feels too stiff

Not good for small-framed people

9. Musso Big & Tall Contoured Gaming Chair

This chair looks so appealing with the segmented patterns on the backrest. The segments also feel nice when you sit in the chair as they press against your back ever so gently. The memory foam conforms to the shape of your spine, leaving you feeling comfortable even after many hours of sitting down.

There are two pillows, one for the head and the other for the lumbar region. The high backrest offers you more support in the middle and upper back regions. The chair also has different recline positions so you can completely relax when you are tired from many hours of gaming. The armrests that are adjustable in a few dimensions and they are removable if you so wish.

The manufacturer has chosen good materials for the construction of this office and gaming chair. First, there is the memory foam padding, which lies on a high quality metal frame. Everything is then covered up with PU upholstery. You will notice that the chair comes with thicker sponges for more comfort.


Good design especially with the padding

Comfortable chair for bigger people

Many customization options


Could be more breathable

10. Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style High Back Computer Chair

If you do not have a high budget for a gaming chair, you can go with the Hbada high back computer gaming chair. It has some nice features to boot too. This chair has many adjustment options. For example, the headrest is adjustable, so is the height of the chair itself.

This chair also has a footrest, which stays hidden away when you do not need to use it. Combined with the back recline, you can enjoy your nap after a long day of working or playing games. The lumbar support helps keep the back aligned as you sleep or sit.

The seat area is large and the waterfall edge design makes this chair very comfortable. There is no edge pressing against your thighs as you sit down to play. The seat is also adjustable independently by up to 8 cm.

The upholstery material is PU leather, which seems to be pretty much the material of choice for many chairs nowadays. Even the metal frame is designed to last a long time.


It is easy to put together

Comfortable padding which is excellent for long hours of gaming

Swivels easily


Even with height adjustments, chair is still too low at only 19 inches from the floor

Best Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

Choosing the best gaming chair is not too hard. However, it is even easier if you can consider the following features:


Since gaming requires you to sit for long hours, you need a comfortable chair. It would be better to pay more money for more comfort than pay less and spend a dreary time on the chair.

There are many comfort features to look for.

Here are just a few of them:

Padding – Memory foam is better because it conforms to the shape of your body thereby offering relief to your pressure points. The seat and backrest padding should be very comfortable. We have seen chairs that come with extra comfortable seat padding of 4 inches. Such a chair can be good for sitting long hours.

Breathability – A breathable backrest will be a godsend in the summer heat. Sitting down in a chair that has no airflow is going to roast your back. Comparing PU leather side by side with meshed fabric, the latter is much better for breathability.

Footrest – Although many gaming chairs do not come with this feature, a few do and it is awesome. It is retractable so it will stay completely out of the way when you do not need to use it. In fact, you can even remove it completely to reduce the weight of the chair when moving it from one place to another. Combined with a bigger angle recline, the footrest will help you relax extremely well.

Customizable features

The more customizable a chair is the better. The armrests should be adjustable in a few ways. For example, you should raise or lower them. Some can even be swung out of the way when you do not need to use them and some can slide back and forth.

The chair should be reclinable from 90 degrees to at least 130 degrees. Some chairs even recline as far back as 180 degrees, which is very good for resting or taking a nap after a hard day’s work.

If you find a chair with a back you can tilt albeit by a few degrees, buy it!

Is the height of the chair customizable and by how much? The higher it can go the better because then even tall people can use tr. At the same time, the height should be easy to customize, with just a touch of a lever.

Lumbar support and headrest

Research has shown that sitting down for long hours is the new smoking. However, if you have the right chair, it does not have to be so bad, especially for your back. This is why you need good lumbar support with your chair. Adjustable lumbar support is better than fixed one. It will help keep your spine aligned.

Just like the lumbar support cushion, the headrest also helps to keep the neck, head and spine aligned. Removable and adjustable headrest is better but it is not very common. A fixed headrest is better than no headrest at all.


The price of gaming chairs can be affordable or extravagant. Some can even cost less than $100 while others cost several hundreds of dollars. However, pay more attention to the features rather than the price. It is best to have more features and pay more money than pay less for fewer features. Mostly we consider a price of between $200 and $500 to be fair for a good chair, rich with features.

Base and casters

Five-star bases are better and stronger. The base can be made of metal or ABS plastic. Consider a chair with bigger casters, say, about 2.5 inches and above. Bigger casters move nicely on all types of floors as compared to smaller casters that may not roll very well on carpeted floors. Most casters are made of PU so they are long lasting and waterproof. You will also find replacements for the casters online in case you bust one in future.

Weight rating and weight of the chair

A chair that can support more weight without caving in is better. A chair that has a weight limit of 200 pounds is only good for people weighing below that. Therefore, it is best to get a chair that has a higher weight rating of at least 300 pounds. Big and small framed people can use this chair comfortably.

The weight of the chair itself depends on many things but chief among them is the materials used in its construction. Sometimes, you may need to move the chair from one place to another by carrying it in your arms. You do not want it to be too heavy. If you can find a chair that weighs less than 50 pounds, buy it.

Wrapping up

We have brought you ten reviews of the best gaming chairs that you can get online. Of course, there are hundreds more but comparing them one by one would take you such a long time. That is why we have done the footwork for you. You can choose any of the gaming chairs that we have reviewed here with confidence that it will keep you comfortable through the long gaming hours.