Lenovo Flex vs Yoga – Price , Specs & Features (2020 Update)

Are you in the market for a new 2-in-1 Lenovo Flex or Yoga laptop, but feel confused about which series to choose? Worry no more, this comprehensive and handy guide will help you identify the key differences and similarities between Lenovo Yoga and Lenovo Flex to help you decide on the best laptop for your business, family, and for you.

For starters, it is crucial to understand that Lenovo has different laptop categories, including the larger ThinkPad and IdeaPad. The Idea Pad and ThinkPad fall into a wide range of 2-in-1 or hybrid models, which functions both as laptops and tablets, namely Yoga and Flex laptops. The Yoga models are categorized under ThinkPad while Flex series are marketed under the Idea Pad line. However, Flex laptops tend to be more similar, but are quite cheaper than their Yoga counterparts.

Read on and understand how Lenovo Flex vs Yoga compare.

Lenovo Flex

Lenovo Yoga

Similarities between Lenovo Flex and Yoga

As mentioned earlier, both Flex and Yoga models are hybrid laptops, also known as 2-in-1s, since they can be used as either a standalone tablet or a laptop. This versatile hybrid design is specially made to offer the conveniences of a tablet and a touch screen for laptop users as well as a keyboard, PC operating system, and other laptop features to tablet enthusiasts.

Unlike other Lenovo models, these two have distinctive features which include:

  • Touch Screen

Both Yoga and Flex Lenovo series have touchscreens built with a laptop-like lid with patented hinges that can flip between 180 and 360 degrees from the keyboard to achieve the tablet-style design.

  • Keyboard

Both laptop series have physical keyboards built into the laptops and cannot be entirely detached.

  • PC Operating Software (OS)

These 2-in-1s laptops are built to do more than normal tablets because they have a full-fledged PC OS like Windows 10 that runs both in PC programs and in mobile-style apps.

  • Processing power

Both Flex and Yoga have laptop-grade processors, which are fast, allowing them to multi-task and even handle advanced tasks, unlike typical tablets. Moreover, their large form factor, including batteries, ports, and cooling options, add to their higher computing power similar to that of high-end laptops. This makes them ideal for home and office use.

  • Viewing Modes

Both series have multiple ways to engage, including laptop mode, stand mode, tent mode as well as the tablet mode making them an excellent choice for families. Each mode works perfectly for specific activities and to serve a different need.

The classic laptop mode keeps both the screen and keyboard connected to resemble a laptop for maximum productivity.

The tablet mode is designed for those times when you want to have extra mobility and fun, for example, web surfing, live streaming, social media, gaming, artwork, and many more. It’s pretty easy to switch your laptop into tablet mode. You just have to flip and fold the screen, and once the keyboard deactivates, you can go beyond 180 degrees.

Stand mode is most preferred when you want a convenient display and the ultimate touch experience. The laptops have hinges designed to flip the screen around to face forward up to about 300 degrees while hanging the keyboard on the back. With the keyboard out of sight, this mode gives you a more elegant frame and stand for the content and images you want to view.

Moreover, this mode is ideal for watching movies and videos or even going through magazines or books and can also be helpful in the kitchen, although the keyboard might get wet or dirty.

Tent mode is the perfect mode for the kitchen when cooking as well as gaming since the edges don’t have ports, so it less likely to get the vital parts wet in case of spills. Additionally, you can look up recipes pretty easily while keeping the laptop clean, for example, with the Yoga 2 Pro. It comes with voice control capabilities and motion-enabled webcam. These features even allow you to go to the next step in a recipe using voice command or gestures without unnecessary touching.

Differences between Lenovo Flex and Yoga

Lenovo Flex

If you are looking for an affordable Lenovo laptop, the Flex line perfectly fits into tight budgets. Lenovo Flex laptops are all-purpose 2-in-1s that are thin, light, and foldable. 2-in-1s have features of both tablets and laptops to give you the best of both.

 Available either in 14 or 15 inches, the latest Flex series Flex 5 comes with premium features including Nvidia graphics to enhance your Windows experience by offering crisp images, high-definition and smooth video, increased performance as well as an improved 3D user interface.  Also, the series feature 4K display for detailed and sharper pictures.

Although Flex laptops series are not as light, thin or good-looking, they boast a slim body and lightweight that match their size. Their thick profile is an added advantage that allows you to get internal hard drive storage of up to 1 TB and full-sized Ethernet and HDMI ports. On the downside, Flex laptops don’t offer full HD resolution, so they may not have the best visuals even at close range.

Overall, the Flex Laptops series come at incredibly competitive prices and ultimately gives you value for your money.

Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo Yoga laptops are premium 2-in-1s hybrids filled with super attractive and high-quality series. And as the name implies, Yoga line is extra flexible thanks to their ability to achieve multiple gymnastic positions, thanks to the patented 360-degree dual-hinge spin design. As such, the keyboards can flip to 360 degrees around the hinged screen and use it as a tablet.

Another incredible thing with this Lenovo Yoga line is they come in a collection of different series.  The bigger the series number, the more expensive, more powerful, and the higher the performance. They range from the most affordable Yoga 500 series to the premium 900 series.

Besides that, the laptops come with a 10-point capacitive touchscreen along with an ultra-thin profile and functionalities of an Ultrabook, while also bringing the viewing experience closer to the user using stand or tent monitor mode. The slim design and low weight make them portable and easy to store, while the watchband hinge brings out a luxury appearance.

This laptop series is perfect for messaging, editing, office tasks, or even multi-tasking as they come integrated with Lenovo Transition presentation application. The software is designed to help you pre-set which app to launch in full-window automatically and which ones not to when you tilt the gadget.

Also, Yoga laptops come with Lenovo’s Motion Control that detects simple gestures. When activated, you just have to swipe your hand to the right or left.

Lenovo Flex vs. Lenovo Yoga: Which One is the best?

Both Yoga and Flex models are industry-leading 2-in-1 laptops whose capabilities and impressive features are breathtaking. Both models boast incredible design, versatility, and flexibility, making them ideal for office work and multi-tasking.

But Lenovo Flex can smoothly perform different tasks, and it relatively affordable.  On the other hand, Lenovo Yoga laptops are more advanced with a contemporary design and vibrant display giving you a chic and trendy look, although it is quite costly.

So if you are looking for a fashionable laptop model, you cannot go wrong with the Yoga series, but if you want a high performance and speedy machine, Lenovo Flex is the best choice.