Best Mouse with Pinky Rest for Gaming

A quality mouse with pinky rest can significantly improve your comfort and overall experience while you’re gaming or working on your PC. But finding the best one is not the easiest of tasks. Luckily for you, we’ve found some of the best mouse with pinky rest that you can choose from.

We can all agree that there are dozens of great mouse out there that you can choose from for your gaming rig. But it can be pretty challenging when it comes to finding one with the best ergonomics and superior performance.

Among the many ergonomic mouse features is a unique but incredibly important feature known as a pinky rest. A mouse designed with a pinky rest provides unmatched support for your pinky finger, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Without a pinky rest, you don’t get the best grip and can cause discomfort or even pain when mousing for many hours as your pinky finger usually drags on the surface. This can severely affect your gaming performance. A mouse with pinky rest, however, allows you to place your hand on the mouse in a more natural and comfortable position.

While the mice on our list support this amazing feature, not all can be the best choice for you as they vary greatly in terms of other features that leads to differences in performance.

To help make things easy for you, here’s a detailed review of the best mouse with pinky rest that you should consider trying out.

Best Mouse with Pinky Rest for Gaming

1. Mionix Naos 8200

The Mionix Naos 8200 is a supremely comfortable mouse that offers solid performance and numerous customization options. This mouse boasts 32bit 72MHz ARM processor, built in memory and up to six LEDs.

To begin with, this mouse features superior ergonomics with two nicely contoured ledges on the right for ring and pinky finger rest and a thumb rest on the left part. The rests are perfectly contoured to naturally conform to the shape of your fingers for added support and comfort. It also boasts a total of seven programmable buttons that are nicely positioned for convenient access.

The seven buttons include the right and left click buttons, back and forward thumb buttons, mouse wheel, and two dpi buttons. The Naos 8200’s LEDs support a whopping 16 million color options that allows you to assign different colors to various illumination points such as the buttons and DPI indicator.

On top of its ergonomic design, this amazing mouse comes compatible with the new Mionix software that allows you to easily customize the sensitivity and lighting settings for the best performance. Through the software, you can as well assign macros to each of the buttons and set three different dpi levels within the 200 and 8200 range.

Overall, the Naos 8200 is a great mouse that delivers a perfect balance between ergonomics and performance. This makes it a perfect choice for avid gamers who’d want to enjoy their favorite games for prolonged stretches of time.

2. Mionix Naos 7000

The Naos 7000 is yet another high-performance mouse with a pinky rest that comes with a super comfortable design plus 7000 DPI optical sensor and lots of customizable features. For example, you can customize your buttons, choose RGB color, change DPI, or even set up different profiles and macros. It is the kind of mouse that has an ergonomic touch that feels so natural making it ideal for use in various situations.

In addition, this Naos 7000 is your go to mouse that gives you precise control needed in competitive gaming, for example, in fast shooters such as PUBG or Fortnite. It features more than 6 million LED color variations, and comes with 32 bit processor and 128 KB memory. It also has a lift off distance (LOD) setting that ensures the mouse does not move even if you lift the mouse above the mouse pad. As such, the LOD makes it easier to ensure the gun stays in place when firing.

With a measurement of 1.44 by 2.56 by 4.93 inches, this mouse has a convenient shape and supports ambidextrous designs making it a perfect choice for full palm-grip to support all your five fingers. And for those with long nails, this mouse allows you to play for hours on end without getting cramped. Besides that, its light weight design makes it relatively comfortable although it’s a bit heavier than most mice.

What makes the mouse more outstanding is the luxurious and soft-touch coating designed to keep your hands dry. It also allows for an input option through USB 2.0 with a 6.5-foot braided cable that’s fitted with a ferrite choke to avoid any interruptions.

The Naos 7000 is specially designed for right-handed people since it has the rest on the right side, making it larger than an ordinary mouse, and it is pretty easy to find a comfortable position. In addition, its surface feel quite good and there is no point you will feel like the mouse is slippery or has a loose grip.

Overall, the Mionix Naos 7000 is a great choice for those looking for a comfortable, durable and affordable mouse in the market today. It offers impressive features perfect for gamers, while giving optimal support for your hand and wrists as well as excellent ergonomic support no matter your grip style.

3. Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. 8+

The Mad Catz RAT 8+ stands out from the rest of the mice on our list as it comes with a unique, futuristic design that not only looks attractive but also feels incredibly comfortable.  This mouse offers you advanced customization options and unrivalled performance.

This right-handed mouse features wired connection, eleven programmable buttons, pinky and thumb rests and a precision button that offers plenty of functionality. This mouse is ergonomically designed with easy to adjust pinky and palm rests, allowing you to achieve the most comfortable grip.

The palm rest and the right panel are designed removable, which is important when you want to swap it with one of the three versions included.

It comes with Mad Catz’s FLUX software that lets you program each of the eleven buttons to perform specific actions.  The software also allows you to set DPI, record custom commands, customize RGB lighting effects, and tweak the precision trigger for the ultimate experience.

With Pixart PMW3389 Sensor, the RAT 8+ sports an impressive sensitivity of up to 16000 dpi, which you can easily adjust to any of the four pre-defined dpi configurations using the included precision button.  It can track at an average polling rate of about 2000MHz. The mouse also comes with a built-in memory that allows you to save up to four profiles for faster profile switching. 

Equipped with an adjustable weight function, you can customize the weight of the mouse to make it less strenuous to your arm even after hours of gaming.

4. ASUS ROG Spatha

Asus is renowned for delivering high-quality computer hardware and the ROG Spatha is no different as it offers outstanding performance and comfort.

The ASUS ROG Spatha offers customizable RGB zones including the ROG logo, side buttons, and scroll wheel. It includes twelve programmable buttons plus swappable Omron switches, which you can customize to meet your needs.

This mouse has an excellent build quality with a metal base frame for improved durability. The mouse is a large size, providing a perfect grip for users with a medium to large hand.  It has excellent ergonomics with both the thumb and pinky rests in place, offering you a better grip and extra comfort. The buttons are well-placed for convenient access.

The built-in battery makes the ROG Spatha a bit heavier than the other mice on our list. On full charge, the battery can last you for up to 36hours even with full RGB working. It can also be used while connected to the charging base, meaning you don’t have to use a wired connection at any time.

Just like most modern mice, this mouse comes compatible with Asus’ Armoury software that lets you make various adjustments for the ultimate performance. Some of the customizations that you can do include; reprogram the buttons for macros, customizing RGB and modifying DPI settings and much more. You can as save five of your favorite profiles on the on-board memory, which makes switching between them quite easy and fast.

All in all, the ROG Spatha is a well-engineered mouse that packs some superb ergonomics, making it ideal for daily use in the office or even for gaming.

5. Mad Catz RAT +7

Another amazing mouse with pinky rest by Mad Catz is the RAT +7 that looks remarkably great and offers some impressive features that will make your prolonged gaming more comfortable and enjoyable.

To start with, this mouse is highly configurable as it comes with three palm and pinky rest versions that allows you to easily swap them for the most comfortable grip. The length and height of the palm and thumb panel can also be adjusted to fit your needs. The pinky rest material has a nice rubberized feel that gives you a better grip.

The R.A.T 7 can reach a maximum dpi of about 6400 and provides you with four custom dip settings that you can switch between them on the fly using the precision aim button. The remaining five buttons can as well be reprogrammed to perform certain actions.

It also comes with a custom weight system that allows you to tweak the weight of the mouse accordingly for the best experience. For the performance, the Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 offers great responsiveness and works well on virtually any surface.

6. Razer Naga Hex V2

The Naga Hex V2 by Razer is a great mouse that comes packed with plenty of fantastic features and exceptional build quality.

This mouse is uniquely designed to nicely conform to your hand and comfortably support your thumb and pinky finger as needed. This makes it easy and comfy for you to enjoy a longer gaming session.

The Naga Hex V2 also comes with seven-button thumb wheel that you can customize every of the buttons to achieve the best performance. The buttons are well-placed to prevent the chance of pressing the wrong option.

Apart from having plenty of buttons, the Naga Hex V2 is also offers precise, accurate, and responsive performance. The additional keymaps provide a lot of function, particularly for accessing extra spells through the buttons a little under the scroll wheel. Generally, you’re going to benefit from the extra buttons if your favorite games usually demand plenty of spells, such as, MMO games.

The Razer Naga Hex V2 offers support for Razer’s Chroma software, which makes it easy for you to customize the various buttons’ actions, adjust dpi settings and change the lighting effects using the provided 16 million color options. There is also an on-board memory that helps you store your favorite profiles.

What’s more is that this mouse will work pretty well on nearly all surfaces so you shouldn’t have any lagging issue.

Overall, the Razer Naga Hex V2 delivers an ergonomic design that makes sure that you enjoy a comfortable experience, regardless of how you like to grip the mouse.

A great mouse with a pinky rest is sure to offer you a comfortable and enjoyable experience while gaming or working. All the mice on our list are designed with superior quality, great ergonomics, and deliver the best performance.

Most of them are specially designed for gamers, but can also suit anyone who spends many hours working from their computers and want the best support for their pinky finger. Be sure to choose a mouse that best meets your needs as some come with unique features such as the LOD function that makes sure your mouse doesn’t track even when lifted.

Other unique features include the 16 million RGB color options, programmable buttons, and customizable and adjustable panels. Such features are meant to help you enjoy a more comfortable experience and boost your productivity.